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Ebbets Field Flannels


Stitching The Past Together One Jersey At A Time

Odds are good that unless you’ve spent awhile in Seattle, you probably won’t be familiar with some of the local clothing companies that are quietly making an impact on a global scale. A great example of one of these local gems is Ebbets Field Flannels. Their focus on producing historically accurate baseball uniforms and other vintage inspired sportswear took the industry by storm. Whether it’s a 1940 Habana Leones jersey or a 1945 Homestead Grays ball cap that you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.

Ebbets Field got its start in 1988 when founder Jerry Cohen was on the hunt for vintage baseball jerseys that he could wear while performing on stage as a guitarist. During this search he stumbled across a stash of original baseball flannel fabric dating back to the 1940’s. From this original fabric purchase, he started Ebbets Field Flannels. Jerry and Ebbets Field started producing a variety of different team uniforms from specific eras and leagues such as the Cuban League and the Negro Leagues, some even from the most obscure and forgotten of teams. This is what makes them special; they are able to bring something back to life that not too many people are familiar with and honor the great teams and players of the past.

Popular with extremely exacting baseball aficionados and enthusiasts, Ebbets Field Flannels’ precise interpretation of the yesteryear is as accurate as it gets. They are the leader in the industry with no true competitors. Being historians themselves, they strive for perfection when matching every detail of the original uniform. Trim, fabric, and script are all historically correct and accurate. When bringing a piece of history back to life, the process is pretty extensive. Usually, the original jersey is not available to sample from, and a simple black and white photograph is all that is used to create their interpretations. There is typically a “back and forth” going on between the photo and the actual creation, to assure perfection is met. Also, each product is made to order, so the next one has to look just good as the last one. This gives each piece the attention needed to achieve true authenticity, with each piece being completely bespoke, and each piece is made in Seattle.

Ebbets Field Flannel has proven that if you create a quality product and stick to the mission set out from the beginning, success will come.

Besides winning the hearts of baseball purists, Ebbets Field Flannel has also made a huge impact in the contemporary menswear sector. Their custom cap program gives other brands an opportunity to collaborate with Ebbets and design their own custom product, using some of Ebbets’ staple pieces. Their wildly popular 6-panel cap is probably the most customized piece. Brands such as J. Crew, Supreme, and Bape have created their own version of the famous cap. Many of these brands step out of the box and utilize unique fabrics to contrast the traditional silhouette of the cap. Japanese brand, WTAPS, even produced an entire collection, which consisted of their own co-branded satin jacket, flannel, and baseball cap.

Ebbets Field Flannel has proven that if you create a quality product and stick to the mission set out from the beginning, success will come. They have not compromised their ethos and have managed to stick to their guns for 27 years, and we see no reason why the wouldn’t be around for 27 more.

Photos courtesy of V3LLUM and Alvin Barrera.

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