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Our 5 Favorite Cars from the Petersen Automotive Museum’s ‘Hollywood Dream Machines’ Exhibit
For car buffs and movie buffs and movie-car buffs, there are few museum exhibits as cool as the Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy.” The exhibit, which opened on May 5, 2019, is the largest museum exhibition of sci-fi vehicles in the world, produced…
Villain Mustang: Classic Recreations Brings an American Legend Into the 21st Century
As the final decade of true post-World War II prosperity, the 1960s was an interesting time in America. The rising economic tide had lifted all boats, and an increasingly prosperous generation of young Americans embraced new technologies that allowed them to live more leisurely lives than the generations before them. Space-race-inspired design and technological…
Jeep: Evolution of an American Icon
No vehicle is more emblematic of American patriotism and values than the Jeep. From its humble origins as a utilitarian military vehicle – the name “Jeep” is said to be derived from “GP,” an acronym for “general purpose” – to its modern incarnation as both a rock-crawling and grocery-getting SUV, the Jeep deserves a…
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