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Love and Rock Chips

Matt Hummel and his 356 Coupe

Envy is an incredibly powerful emotion and it can be triggered by almost anything. Few things have been as big a trigger for envy as this video from Praemio about Matt Hummel and his perfect and perfectly thrashed 356 coupe. Matt loves cars but what is obvious in the video is that more than cars, Matt loves experiences. He takes this car and in pushing its limits and driving it in ways that would make any Porsche Club member cringe and hide their eyes, he finds new experiences that most of us only dream about. Looking at the car, it’s obvious that there is love in every dented panel, every spot of primer and it has the same feeling as a favorite pair of jeans or a beat up old watch. Most of us can only dream about owning a 356 as prices are now well into their relentless climb toward the stratosphere but it’s reassuring to know that somewhere out in an empty desert, or on a desolate mountain road, Matt is out there wringing the neck of his little coupe, just as Herr Dr. Porsche surely intended.

Keep an eye on V3llum for more incredible videos from Praemio!

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